Water supply solutions are paramount for the developing India, and we are creating premier plumbing systems to meet this ever-growing demand.


We are assisting Indian farmers better their harvest by providing quality irrigation solutions that enable super-efficient transportation of water.


Our water storage tanks ensure highest standards of hygiene at a reasonable cost. The triple layer water tank is an innovation that offers threefold protection.

Who we are

There are two types of companies in the world…

Those who want to grow, and those who want to grow together.

Those who do big things and those who do the big things for the right reasons.

Those who use the mind to get there and those who use the heart and mind.

We are inspired by the latter

We are in the business of providing high quality, piping solutions to the people of this country, with honesty and sincerity. Our belief has always been that a lasting relationship is the key to growth, both for us and our stakeholders. We are a company that works towards serving our partners consistently and reliably to ensure that we grow together in this new-age India!


An ISO 9001-2008 certified company with a manufacturing unit in Mysuru, Karnataka.


Distribution of finished pipes, fittings and water storage tanks to depots across the country.


Expert salesmen across regions to provide prompt and consistent service to dealers and distributors.


A 24X7 call centre and customer service toll-free number 9986494444 to assist you anytime.

Key Contacts


 +91 99864 94444

Tamil Nadu

+91 98865 84444


+91 98865 64444

AP & Telangana

+91 99864 84444


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CPVC Plumbing Systems

Drip Irrigation systems

SWR Drainage systems

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SWR Drainage systems

Water Tanks


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