PVC Agricultural Pipes and Fittings

SPECTRA PVC Agricultural Pipes and Fittings with wide spectrum of pipes and fittings in different sizes and pressure classes is a perfect and ideal solution for water supply. SPECTRA PVC Agricultural Pipes & Fittings are prime choice of farmers, water supply bodies and different government institutes. Due to their numerous advantages over metal piping systems they are widely used for variety of applications like agriculture, irrigation, water supply, industrial process lines, swimming pools etc.

pvc agricultural pipes
Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation systems

Drip irrigation is the targeted application of water, fertilizer and chemicals directly to the plant roots. Use of Drip irrigation systems improves crop yield and quality while reducing costs from water, labour, energy and chemical inputs. SPECTRA Drip Irrigation Lateral Pipes are manufactured from Virgin Polyethylene using advanced automated machinery. They are long lasting and do not break under heat of the sun or water pressure thus offering farmers a seamless irrigation solution.

Garden Hoses

SPECTRA garden hoses are produced from the highest quality PVC compound ensuring exceptional clarity and flexibility. The hose is ideally suited for applications in a wide range of areas where low-pressure conveyance of water is required. These hoses are widely used in gardening and other everyday applications. Being very flexible facilitates bending and pulling them past obstacles easy.

Garden hoses
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