uPVC Plumbing Systems

SPECTRA uPVC plumbing system is an ideal solution that is suitable for a wide variety of applications that involve transportation and distribution of potable water in residential, commercial and Industrial buildings. This hygienic and cost effective system is not only technically superior to conventional Galvanized Iron systems but offers many advantages over them. Easy to install and functionally most suitable for plumbing application like terrace looping, down-take and up-take lines, concealed pipe work, this system has a very long life span.

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CPVC Plumbing Systems

SPECTRA CPVC Plumbing System is manufactured using raw material produced under technical collaboration with Arkema, France. Choice of raw material and strict quality control in production, gives these products very high consistency which makes SPECTRA CPVC a preferred choice of leading consultants, architects, builders, plumbers and quality conscious customers. SPECTRA CPVC is designed for hot and cold water supply in residential, commercial and Industrial projects and can withstand high water temperatures with ease.

SWR Drainage systems

SPECTRA SWR drainage systems are designed for quick and efficient removal of Soil, waste and rainwater without leakage. It is highly resilient, tough and durable with high tensile and impact strength. This system has a long service life and is widely used in residential and commercial establishments. SPECTRA SWR drainage systems are available in Solvent type and Ring Type jointing systems.

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PVC Underground Drainage Pipes

SPECTRA Underground Drainage Pipes are intended to carry soil and waste from building to roadside sewers or drains and from here to treatment plant or disposal point. This can also be used for rainwater collection and disposal, including rainwater harvesting. Being 100% watertight, these pipes are free from ingress and seepage of water and hence considered to be most hygienic.

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