uPVC Plumbing

uPVC Plumbing Systems

SPECTRA uPVC plumbing system is an ideal solution that is suitable for a wide variety of applications that involve transportation and distribution of potable water in residential, commercial and Industrial buildings. This hygienic and cost effective system is not only technically superior to conventional Galvanized Iron systems but offers many advantages over them. Easy to install and functionally most suitable for plumbing application like terrace looping, down-take and up-take lines, concealed pipe work, this system has a very long life span. Know More…

upvc plumbing pipes


Leeds free

Lead Free – Safe for potable water distribution

Easy & Quick Installation

Excellent Chemical & Corrosion resistance

Strong and Durable

UV Resistant

Why Spectra

  • Automated manufacturing for superior quality and consistency
  • 100% raw material and finished goods quality inspection
  • Rigorous quality checks at every stage of production
  • Every production batch is tested in our well equipped laboratory
  • Highly efficient logistics and distribution network
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