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SPECTRA uPVC pipes & fittings plumbing system is an ideal solution that is suitable for a wide variety of applications. One of the leading uPVC pipe fittings manufacturers, Spectra is a highly quality conscious brand delivering transportation and distribution of potable water in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. uPVC pipes are not only technically superior to conventional galvanized iron systems but also offer multiple advantages over them. Moreover, uPVC pipes and fittings are easy to install and most suitable for plumbing applications like terrace looping, down-take and up-take lines and concealed pipe work. Spectra’s plumbing systems have a very long life span due to the features attributed to uPVC as a material and Spectra’s 100% automated processes.

upvc plumbling pipes and fittings
High Quality uPVC Fittings

High Quality and Long-Life uPVC Fittings

Spectra uPVC pipes and fittings are strong and durable with excellent resistance to chemical corrosion. The entire product range of Spectra uPVC pipes, fittings and connectors are lead-free and 100% safe to use, allowing more hygienic water potability than galvanised or cement pipes. Being UV resistant, Spectra uPVC pipes and pipe fittings are free from bacterial growth and wear and tear that takes place over long-term usage.

Why use uPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) as a pipe material?

Plumbing fittings has been revolutionized by uPVC as a material. This material is low-maintenance, offers less electricity consumption and is extremely lightweight. uPVC is also resistant to biological growth, unlike conventional GI piping systems. Chemical corrosion, sunlight and water damage are non-existent in uPVC pipes, hence making them the prime choice for plumbing systems including drainpipes, swimming pools, salt water lines, concealed pipework for water distribution in any residential building or industrial construction.

Ensure Continuous Flow

Ideal for cold water distribution, Spectra uPVC plumbing pipes and fittings are technically superior and functionally suitable for a continuous flow due to the flexibility of uPVC fittings and connectors.

Features of Spectra uPVC Pipes

Lead Free – Safe for Potable Water Distribution

The compounds used in Spectra uPVC pipes and products are lead-free. This makes Spectra pipes an environmentally friendly choice for water potability and plumbing systems.

Easy & Quick Installation

Spectra uPVC pipes are easy to fit because of their light weight. This means less time and energy involved in setting up and installation.

Excellent Chemical & Corrosion Resistance

Using Spectra uPVC plumbing Pipes means saying goodbye to biological growth like bacteria, fungi, algae and rust. Hard water and other chemicals have zero corrosion impact on Spectra uPVC pipes.

Strong & Durable

Spectra pipes and fittings are ahead of time. Strength and durability undergo rigorous quality checks at every stage of production. Every production batch is tested in well-equipped laboratories and manufacturing processes are fully automated. Thus, Spectra pipes are able to withstand high impact and pressure for long periods.

UV Resistant

Spectra uPVC plumbing systems are unaffected by degradation from ultraviolet rays, hence keeping water supply hygienic and safe.

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