PVC underground drainage pipes

Spectra Underground Drainage Pipes

Underground drainage pipes are used for transporting soil and waste from buildings to drainage networks. Since these pipes are buried under the ground layers, they need to be made of a material that can withstand high impact and stay rust and corrosion free. City municipal corporations must ensure that an underground drainage system is efficient, water tight and durable to avoid flooding, water wastage and contamination.

Using Spectra PVC pipes proves to be beneficial as they are cost-effective for long-term usage. PVC pipes for underground drainage installation are different than that for above-ground and in-house installation.

pvc underground drainage pipes

Features of Spectra SWR Pipes

Designed for Underground Installation

Spectra PVC Underground Drainage pipe systems for underground water lines resist corrosion from the soil they are placed in and will not rust or deteriorate.


Light Weight & Easy to Handle

Spectra PVC drainage pipes and pipe fittings are lighter than other materials like cement, easy to install and can bend for subtle turns or angles.

Long Life & Maintenance Free Underground Pipes

Long Life & Maintenance Free

Chemicals generated in sewers and other degradable elements in water will not wear or weaken the Spectra PVC Underground Drainage pipes. PVC is resistant to scaling and hard water build up. PVC also does not deteriorate when in contact with bacteria and micro-organisms in public underground sewage systems.

Strong and Durable

Spectra PVC underground drainage fittings are flame resistant, corrosion resistant and design versatility. Spectra PVC does not chemically react with even the most aggressive water. A PVC drain pipe is strong and flexible as it allows bending without breaking, enabling it to endure impacts or earth movements. PVC as a material has an estimated life span of more than 100 years, with little or no loss of strength, provided it’s designed and installed properly.

Leak Proof Joints

Spectra PVC underground drainage systems are quality compliant. They are injection moulded to provide superior quality and assurance.

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