India's PVC Market Findings

Key Findings of India’s PVC Pipe Market

The Indian PVC pipes and fittings industry are experiencing remarkable growth in terms of production capacity with a large number of organized and unorganized PVC pipes and fittings manufacturing companies supplying in the market. The Indian PVC pipe market can be categorised into Chlorinated, Plasticized and Unplasticized as per the market type. On the basis of material, the PVC market can be divided into PVC Resin, Plasticizers, Lubricant, Pigment Base and others. If we go by application, the market segregation is seen as Irrigation, Water Supply, Sewer & Drain, Plumbing, Oil & Gas, HVAC and others. Regionally, the Indian PVC market is segmented into North India, West India, East India and South India.

With respect to PVC pipe and fittings applications, Sewer & Drain is the most lucrative segment, followed by Water Supply, Irrigation, Plumbing and others. Due to a fast-emerging economy, significant demand is expected to drive market growth. Regulatory bodies such as EPA, REACH, and other bodies have been implementing guidelines for use of PVC material in various industries to control and safeguard the interest of end consumers. Eastern India being abundant in tea cultivation, there is a major demand for PVC pipe products from that region.

The growth of PVC Pipes Industry in India

The demand for PVC pipes in India has been growing exponentially. In 2016, the Indian PVC pipes market was valued at USD 3159 million. It is expected to expand at a CAGR of 10.2% to reach USD 6224 million by 2023. After polyethene & polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the third largest selling commodity in the Indian market. Its chemical resistance, durability, low cost, recyclability and easy-to-install & use attributes make it a preferred material for drainage, sewerage, plumbing, agriculture, irrigation, water supply and many more similar applications in both residential and industrial sectors. Users find PVC pipes ideal over wood, metal, concrete, copper and clay as they are corrosion and flame resistant and can withstand high thermal conditions, hence increasing life-spans of installed applications.


In a growing country like India, the need for proper infrastructure, application installation and transportation of water for the end user have become a major driver for the PVC pipes and fittings industry expansion. In the past few years, the Indian government has been focusing greatly on rural water management and has initiated multiple projects and investments in the irrigation sector. The government increased its investment in the irrigation sector from INR 2000 billion in the period FY’2007-11 to INR 3300 billion during FY’2011-16 as an effort to bridge gaps in irrigation infrastructure with an interest in raising agricultural output. Agriculture forms a majority portion of the PVC pipes and fittings market revenue in India. Rapid industrialisation has increased the demand for PVC material in the construction, real estate and housing sectors as well. A rise in demand for oil and gas transportation will also contribute to a higher demand for PVC pipes and fittings in the near future.

PVC Demand in the Indian Market in the Near Future

Furthermore, GOI has also been encouraging infrastructural projects such as Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and The Smart Cities Project, which will entail further augmentation of the piping industry. Initiatives to eradicate open defecation have brought about more indoor toilet planning for remote areas and villages. Smart water, waste management and rainwater harvesting will give a huge impetus to the growth of the piping industry in India. Yet another reason for a higher degree of demand will be deficient and uneven rainfall in the country which will boost the requirement for long service life sewerage, plumbing and irrigation systems in the coming years.

CPVC pipes and fittings are the fastest growing segment of the PVC industry in India. With CPVC resin technology, the chlorine content in PVC is made richer by way of chlorination. CPVC pipes and fittings are commonly employed nowadays in residential, commercial and industrial plumbing systems. CPVC pipes and plumbing systems are very suitable for water transportation of all types, from hot and cold potable to acidic water as they can withstand corrosion, heat and chemical attack.

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