SWR drainage pipe systems

SWR drainage systems

When it comes to soil, waste and rainwater removal, builders need SWR pipes with reliable quality. Spectra SWR drainage systems are designed for quick and efficient removal without leakage. SPECTRA SWR drainage fittings are highly resilient, tough and durable with high tensile and impact strength.

SPECTRA SWR pipes are manufactured in high tech extrusion lines, online belling & socketing machines and high tech molds. This ensures the highest level of dimensional accuracy and stability, providing a high quality, leak-proof, maintenance-free and long lasting system to the end user. Spectra SWR drainage systems are available in Pasting Type and Ring Type (DUORING) jointing systems.

Spectra swr drainage solution
swr drainage pipes | Spectra Pipes

Spectrapipes India’s premium SWR pipes and fittings manufacturer

As India’s premium SWR pipes and fittings manufacturer, SPECTRA Pipes ensures that a drainage system has a long service life and can be used flawlessly in regular and high-end residential, corporate and commercial projects. These drainage pipes and fittings are ideal for homes & apartments, hotel & resorts, hospitals & academic institutions and any high-rise or low-rise buildings.

Spectra SWR drainage system enables fast and efficient removal of waste without blockage and leakage. Its chemical and corrosion resistance, long life and virtually zero maintenance makes it the preferred choice for life time trouble free service.

Features of Spectra SWR Pipes

Maintenance Free & Long Life

SPECTRA’s SWR pipes and fittings come with a long service life due to the high impact strength properties of PVC as a material.


Ensuring Higher Flow

SPECTRA drainage pipes and fittings ensure a smooth water flow due to a smooth bore and high tensile strength which makes them leak proof as well.

Cost Effective

Due to high flow rates, non-flammability and no choking properties, SPECTRA SWR pipe drainage systems prove to be highly cost effective as a one-time implementation is enough for long life service.

Excellent Chemical & Corrosion Resistance

Spectra CPVC pipes can withstand temperatures of upto 200o F or 93o PVC is the preferred choice for SPECTRA’s SWR drainage systems as it is UV stabilised, has high chemical resistance from corrosive elements present in water and is a non-conductor of electricity.pipes and fittings ideal for hot & cold water distribution.

Easy & Quick Installation

SPECTRA SWR pipes and fittings conform to IS 13592 and ASTM D 2846 standards respectively. Due to automated manufacturing processes, these pipes and fittings are made with the highest precision. This makes installation quick and hassle free. These drainage pipes and fittings are available in Pasting Types jointing systems.

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